Food Safety Resources

Address environmental causes of foodborne illnesses with our free food safety resources below.

Environmental Assessments

Environmental Assessment Training Series (EATS) – Practice skills in an interactive virtual environment and learn to conduct environmental assessments as part of outbreak investigations.

From Inspector to Investigator: Finding the Factors that Lead to Foodborne Outbreaks – Working on an outbreak investigation? Watch our short training video to learn the importance of identifying practices and factors that contribute to the outbreak.

National Environmental Assessment Reporting System (NEARS) – Capture environmental assessment data from foodborne illness outbreaks to help prevent outbreaks associated with restaurants and other food venues.

Preventable Causes of Foodborne Illness (Infographic) – Identify contributing factors to outbreaks during outbreak investigations.

Preventing Foodborne Illness Outbreaks (Infographic) – Help prevent foodborne illness outbreaks by understanding the environmental factors contributing to them.

Food Safety Policies

Adoption of Food Code Provisions Is Linked to Lower Rates of Foodborne Norovirus Outbreaks – Learn more about key provisions from the Food Code that help to lower rates of foodborne norovirus outbreaks.

Can Restaurant Managers Talk with Sick Workers? 3 Things Restaurant Managers Need To Know – Learn what the Food Code, HIPAA, and ADA say about managers needing to know if their workers are sick so they can decide if they should handle food.

Kitchen Manager Certification (Infographic) – Learn about the importance of kitchen manager certification.

Food Safety Practices

Cooking Chicken Liver (Infographic) – Learn why cooking chicken liver to 165°F is important.

Findings & Recommendations in Plain Language – Peruse our research findings and recommendations on restaurant food safety topics such as sick food workers, hand hygiene, and kitchen manager certification.

Research Projects on Restaurant Food Safety – Explore our Environmental Health Specialists Network (EHS-Net) research on specific foods linked to outbreaks in restaurants and research on restaurant practices and more.

Tools from Funded Health Department Partners – Find tools from funded health department partners working to reduce foodborne illness and outbreaks in their communities; for example, multilingual training materials for restaurants on how to prevent campylobacter.

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