Pool Inspection Toolkit

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Inspections are an essential part of aquatics and recreational water programs. Use our resources to improve your program's inspections of public pools, hot tubs, and water parks.

Photo of an inspector holding a clipboard and standing next to a public pool.

Importance of inspections

Inspections assess whether aquatic facility's operation and maintenance meet the standards set in the jurisdiction’s public health code. During inspections, environmental health practitioners can serve as illness-and-injury-prevention advisors to pool operators. Immediate closures and violations offer an opportunity to educate operators about proper operation and maintenance and how it prevents repeated violations.

Impact of inspections‎

Recent studies found that routine inspections resulted in immediate closure of 11.8% (1 out of 8) of public pools and 15.1% (1 out of 7) of public hot tubs because of health hazards.1

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