EnvPHPS Logic Model for Drinking Water Programs

Logic Model to Improve Program Performance and Control Drinking Water Exposures

This logic model is a tool that contains recommended strategies for public health department drinking water programs and activities to improve programmatic performance using the 10 Essential Environmental Public Health Services.

The primary users for this logic model are the safe drinking water programs that focus on protecting small community and individual water systems that are exempt from the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA).

However, drinking water programs focusing on larger, SDWA-regulated systems might also find the recommendations useful for improving their performance.

The model proposes strategies and activities that a program is most likely to prioritize after they have assessed their drinking water program using the Environmental Public Health Performance Standards. Below are a screen shot of the logic model and a link to the printable PDF.

Download the Logic Model [PDF-312 KB]

Photo of the Logic Model for Improving Drinking Water Programs

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