Refugee Immunization Information Systems Exchange (RIISE) Project

What is the Refugee Immunization Information Systems Exchange (RIISE) Project?
  • The RIISE Project makes refugee vaccination records readily available for local medical providers caring for refugees. This project enables providers to better assess immunization coverage rates among refugees, thereby ensuring more complete vaccine uptake among refugee communities.
  • RIISE is a collaborative project designed to support transfer of refugee vaccination data from the Electronic Disease Notification (EDN) System into Immunization Information Systems (IIS).
What are the goals and objectives of the RIISE Project?
  • To ensure ongoing identification of refugee vaccination records in State IIS
  • To transfer overseas vaccination information to State IIS using the Health Level 7 2.5.1 | HL7 national data standard
Who are the key players in the RIISE Project?
How does the RIISE Project connect to the state IIS?
  • Each state refugee health coordinator works closely with state IIS users to ensure the successful transmission of refugee vaccination information into their respective state IIS
  • The RIISE Project transmits refugee vaccination data from the EDN system into state IIS via one of two transport methods: PHINMS Messaging System or an EDN system feature called data download.
What are some of the key benefits of the RIISE Project?
  • Children meet local vaccination requirements for school entry
  • Refugees are appropriately vaccinated
  • Vaccination records move more quickly and with fewer data quality errors
  • Electronic vaccination record transfer is streamlined between health information systems
  • The integration of more refugee vaccination records into health information systems may lead to better immunization coverage for the community
How do I get more information on the RIISE Project?
  • Contact the Immigrant and Refugee Health Branch Domestic Refugee Health Team at for more details.