Civil Surgeons

Other Physical or Mental Abnormality, Disease or Disability

Required Evaluation Components

The civil surgeon must complete the required evaluation for communicable diseases of public health significance, for physical and mental disorders that may result in harmful behavior, and for psychoactive substance abuse.  In addition, the civil surgeon must consider any other findings in the history or physical examination that constitute a physical or mental abnormality, disease, or disability serious in degree or permanent in nature amounting to a substantial departure from normal well-being.  For each applicant, the civil surgeon should determine

  1. the nature and extent of the abnormality
  2. the degree to which the applicant is incapable of normal physical activity
  3. the extent to which the condition is remediable
  4. the likelihood that because of the condition, the applicant will require extensive medical care or institutionalization

Reporting of Results

The civil surgeon should provide additional relevant information about each of the Class B conditions in the “Remarks” section of the I-693 [PDF – 14 pages].