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What Works: Lessons in Global Health Security Implementation. Handshake inside heart: Effective Partnerships. Effective partnerships are critical for attaining and sustaining progress. Two location maps on globe: Global is local. Global public health and local public health are strongly linked. Charts on computer monitor: Measurable Targets. Progress requires measurable targets that are regularly monitored, reported, and evaluated.

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A group of children with a woman sitting outside as they smile for the camera in Nepal. Photo: RTI International

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Local healthcare workers in Guinea wearing face masks and medical gear with a man in front of the group writing on a paper board as colleagues in the back pay attention. Photo: RTI International

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Global health protection is about more than one country, one issue, or one pathogen. Many factors affect our health security, like infectious diseases, humanitarian crises, and the growing burden of noncommunicable diseases. No matter what the cause, the Division of Global Health Protection (DGHP) and its partners across CDC and the globe are working to protect health and save lives.

Research: Global Health Security and Economic Protection
Disease outbreaks can cause economic disruption. Decreasing demand for U.S. exports; Putting U.S. export-related jobs at risk. Global health security helps safeguard America's health and economic stability. HHS logo; CDC logo; www.cdc.gov/globalhealth/healthprotection

A recent CDC article examines how our global health work protects the health and economic wellbeing of the whole U.S., as well as individual states.

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A group of school kids in Vietnam smile and pose for the camera. Photo: RTI International

Photo: RTI International