DGHP Organization

DGHP Leadership Team
(listed alphabetically)

Mark Anderson
Emergency Response and Recovery Branch Chief

Kip Baggett, MD, MPH
Workforce and Institute Development Branch Chief

Sara Clements
Associate Director for Policy and Communications

Olga Henao, PhD
Global Epidemiology, Laboratory, and Surveillance Branch (Proposed) Chief

Kashef Ijaz, MD, MPH
Principal Deputy Director

Alison Johnson, MPA
Deputy Director for Management and Operations

Kelly Kay
Global Operations & Strategic Management Branch (Proposed) Chief

RADM Nancy Knight, MD

Mike Mahar, PhD
DGHP Lead for GHSA and IHR Collaborating Center

Ron Moolenaar
Associate Director for Science

Keicia Reeves
Principal Management Official

Patricia Richter, PhD
Global Noncommunicable Diseases Branch Chief