DGHP Organization

Updated April 10, 2023

DGHP Leadership Team (Listed Alphabetically)
  • CAPT Simon Agolory, MD
    Division Director, Acting
  • Mark Anderson, MD, MPH
    Emergency Response and Recovery Branch Chief
  • Kip Baggett, MD, MPH
    Principal Deputy Director, Acting
  • Loren Cadena, MPH
    Integrated Fiscal Planning and Management Office
  • Richard Garfield, DrPH, MPH
    Global Health Security Agenda Team, Acting
  • Olga Henao, PhD
    Global Epidemiology, Laboratory, and Surveillance Branch Chief
  • Kelly Kay, MPH
    Deputy Director for Management and Operations
  • Omer Khan, MS, MPH
    Global Operations & Strategic Management Branch
  • Amy Mac Kenzie, AB
    Associate Director for Policy and Communications
  • Ron Moolenaar, MD, MPH
    Associate Director for Science
  • Patricia Richter, PhD
    Office of Global Noncommunicable Diseases Chief
  • Brian Wheeler, MPH
    Principal Management Official, Acting