Strategic Plan Overview 2019-2022


A healthier, safer world that is able to prevent, detect, and respond to public health threats.


Protecting Americans and people worldwide from public health threats by working with partners to build capacity, advance research, and respond in times of crises.

PREVENT: Build country and global capabilities to improve public health preparedness
Training on the use of personal protective equipment

illustration of person holding hand up in stop position to represent 'prevent' within shield
  • Expand and strengthen public health workforce capacity
  • Support development of national public health institutions to ensure central coordination of essential public health functions
  • Guide and strengthen technical and programmatic capacity for global health security
DETECT: Improve detection to mitigate the impact of global disease outbreaks and other public health events
Petri dishes showing microbe growth

illustration of three public health professionals inside a shield, representing "detect"
  • Establish effective systems to support rapid detection of pathogens with epidemic potential
  • Conduct continuous monitoring and rapid verification of infectious disease outbreaks and public health events
RESPOND: Increase rapid response to global health emergencies
Ujjain Kumbh Mela emergency tent

illlustration of three public health professionals inside shield to represent 'respond'
  • Assist countries and other partners to prepare for global health emergencies
  • Provide technical support and coordination during and after global health emergencies
COLLABORATE: Sustain and strengthen partnerships for global health security
US CDC and Shanghai CDC colleagues along with community doctors in public health discussion

Illustration of handshake inside shield to represent 'collaborate'
  • Coordinate and collaborate with divisions across the Center for Global Health (CGH) and CDC
  • Coordinate and collaborate with external partners