Tuberculosis (TB) Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Tool

What is the tool?

The Evaluation Tool for TB Programs is a free, easy-to-use monitoring and evaluation (M&E) tool for TB programs in refugee camps, resource-poor and other post-conflict settings. This January 2013 revision of the original September 2009 tool is the result of further consultation with the International Rescue Committee (IRC) and the Bureau of Population Refugee and Migration (PRM). It is a simpler format and a reduction in length of 40% compared with the original. It is designed to improve the quality of TB programs and be a reference for programs. It can be completed in a single 8-hour day.

This tool is the first to evaluate an entire TB program that is inclusive, easy to use, and user-friendly. In addition, it is:

  • Adaptable
  • Thorough
  • Field-tested

Who should use it?

The tool is for evaluators who represent national or regional headquarters of implementing partners that provide healthcare services or of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). In addition, it is designed to be used by medical and laboratory refugee camp staff or others in post-conflict, resource-limited settings, who plan, organize, conduct, and supervise TB activities. With drug resistant tuberculosis occurring in all parts of the world, one of the revisions of version 2 is the incorporation of items pertaining to drug resistant tuberculosis in both the laboratory and clinical evaluation components.

Why was it developed?

TB is one of the world’s most deadly diseases, killing almost 2 million people each year. TB is highly contagious and is easily spread among displaced persons in close quarters such as refugee camps. International collaborative efforts to sustain quality TB programs are necessary to ensure the proper treatment of patients and to curb the spread of the disease. An M&E framework is an integral part of a quality program.

What does it include?

The kit includes worksheets, references and resources, posters, and a patient charter. The tool evaluates four components:

  • Laboratory
  • Clinical case management and treatment
  • Health education
  • Data management and logistics

Who developed the tool?

The International Rescue Committee and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention collaborated to develop this tool with input from TB and refugee health experts of other organizations and agencies. Designers pilot-tested the tool 13 times at 8 TB control programs in Kenya, and modified and retested the program based on feedback from the field.

Why the Arabic translation?

Given the current Syrian crisis and the strength of Jordanian TB control program, the Jordanian National TB Program (NTP), International Organization for Migration, and UN High Commissioner for Refugees with technical advice of the Emergency Response & Recovery Branch developed a cohesive strategy to improve case detection and implement directly observed therapy short-course (DOTS) among Syrian refugees. That strategy was integrated into the Jordanian NTP National Strategy. Part of this strategy uses the Evaluation Tool for Tuberculosis Programs in Resource-limited, Refugee and Post-Conflict Settings, Version 2, which the Jordanian NTP translated into Arabic.

How do I download the tool?

You can download the entire tool pdf icon[1.3 MB, 38 pages] (Arabic pdf icon[1.0 MB, 38 pages])

Component 1: Laboratory Evaluation pdf icon[346 KB, 10 pages] (Arabic pdf icon[176 KB, 6 pages])

  • Part 1: Evaluation Worksheet
  • Part 2: Scoring Guide
  • Part 3: Explanation Worksheet

Component 2: Health Education Evaluation Tool pdf icon[254 KB, 9 pages] (Arabic pdf icon[147 KB, 6 pages])

  • Part 1: Evaluation Worksheet
  • Part 2: Scoring Guide
  • Part 3: Explanation Worksheet

Component 3: Clinical Encounter Evaluation Tool pdf icon[358 KB, 8 pages] (Arabic pdf icon[163 KB, 6 pages])

  • Part 1: Evaluation Worksheet
  • Part 2: Scoring Guide
  • Part 3: Explanation Worksheet

Component 4: Data Management and Logistics Tool pdf icon[295 KB, 6 pages] (Arabic pdf icon[135 KB, 5 pages])

  • Part 1: Evaluation Worksheet
  • Part 2: Scoring Guide
  • Part 3: Explanation Worksheet

References, Online Resources and African and Asian Resources pdf icon(Arabic pdf icon[54 KB, 2 pages])

Appendix A: Supplemental Health Education Materialspdf icon [1.2 MB, 7 pages] (Arabic pdf icon[81 KB, 1 page])

  • Sputum Collection
  • Mild Side Effects of TB Drugs and Their Management
  • TB Admission Talk

Appendix B: TB Patient Rights and Dutiespdf icon [303 KB, 1 page] (Arabic pdf icon[81 KB, 1 pages])