Implementation Tools

As part of its development of training and service programs, CDC develops training materials and other tools, such as technical guidelines, and adapts suitable materials from other CDC sources. These materials can be downloaded free-of-charge.

FETP-Frontline Planning Guide and Frontline Curriculum Guide (2020)

FETP-Frontline Planning Guide [638KB, 41 Pages]

FETP-Frontline Curriculum Guide [674KB, 39 Pages]

These guides were developed to help people responsible to consider, plan, adapt, and implement FETP-Frontline in their countries. It is relevant whether or not a country already has FETP-Advanced or FETP-Intermediate, and can help decision-makers determine whether their country needs FETP-Frontline. These guides also provide step-by-step guidance on FETP-Frontline planning and implementation.

FETP Development Handbook

FETP Development Handbook [5.50 MB, 107 pages]

The FETP Development Handbook is meant for people who plan, implement, manage, and evaluate 2-year FETPs and FELTPs (FETP-Advanced). This handbook is a practical guide through the process of establishing and sustaining an Advanced tier of FETP. It includes recommendations, tools, and examples for handling each step of the process from readiness assessment to evaluation.

Note: the Handbook appendix materials are no longer available on the FETP website. If you have any questions about those materials, please contact us at

Other Tools

Training Programs in Epidemiology and Public Health Interventions Network (TEPHINET)

TEPHINET is a professional network of 73 field epidemiology training programs (FETPs), including those with laboratory and veterinary components, working across more than 100 countries. TEPHINET provides tools for standardized training, experiential learning, training program quality improvement, mentoring, and knowledge exchanges in order to connect epidemiologists better, faster, and with quality across the globe.