Sustain a Professional Development Infrastructure

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Understand and leverage the existing structure and practices for providing PD in your agency. Establish, if necessary, an infrastructure. Steps for this include:

  • Identify a person to provide leadership and accountability for all PD efforts.
  • Work within your agency to ensure that there are policies and procedures to support effective PD.
  • Secure financial and human resources to support PD and collaboration.
  • Establish a clearly defined process to support PD providers.
  • Establish a system to record and manage your data.

Sustaining a PD infrastructure relies on a clearly defined plan and high standards of practice. Steps for this include:

  • Establish and implement an overall PD plan that addresses all required PD activities and incorporates the PDPs.
  • Ensure PD plan is in alignment with state and local PD policies and practices.
  • Develop a process for recruitment, development, and assessment of qualified PD providers; consultants may be external or in-house.
  • Provide skilled PD providers who can implement the results-based PD plan.
  • Confirm that PD providers:
    • Apply the fundamentals of effective training design and delivery.
    • Have content expertise and experience.
    • Apply adult learning principles.
    • Meet the needs of diverse learners by using a variety of teaching and learning strategies.
    • Create a safe and functional learning environment for participants.
    • Are skilled at managing conflict/controversy.
  • Provide ongoing assistance for PD providers to foster continuous growth.