Evaluate Professional Development Processes


Collect usable data throughout the PD process. Use these data to inform your PD plan and report your successes and lessons learned. The Evaluate practice systematically monitors and evaluates your professional development offerings by collecting data and using it to improve future efforts.

  • Assess PD needs of the target audience, as applicable (see Design).
  • Develop a plan, per DASH’s PD Evaluation Toolkit guidelines, to measure the PD offering learning objectives. This may include collecting information about the transfer of learning after the PD offering, if applicable and resources allow.
  • Identify or develop instruments to collect evaluation data from multiple sources.
  • Collect evaluation data related to promotion, PD offerings, TA delivery, and follow-up support (see Promote, Deliver and Follow-up Support).
  • Determine whether PD offering goals and objectives were achieved.
  • Use a data entry protocol.
  • Maintain evaluation data in an organized data management system.
  • Report evaluation results to stakeholders to facilitate use of the findings.