HECAT Online Instructional Guides

These guides provide detailed information about using the Health Education Curriculum Analysis Tool (HECAT).

In this series, readers will find instructional information on HECAT’s overview and rationale, and how to use HECAT Online to perform curriculum analyses or develop a health education scope and sequence. Each guide includes links and additional resources to help HECAT Online users.

How to use HECAT Online

HECAT Fact Sheet: Summary

2021 HECAT Fact Sheet cover

The HECAT provides a structured and systematic process to improve curriculum selection and development, and is designed for use by:

  • Curriculum committees or educators in school districts, schools, or community-based organizations that work with schools.
  • State or local education agency staff.
  • Other curriculum developers.
  • Faculty and students in institutions of higher education teacher preparation programs.

Choosing or developing the best possible curriculum is an important step towards ensuring quality health education.