Additional Evaluation Resources

  • Michigan Toolkit for Title IV Safe and Drug-Free Schools and ProgramsExternal

    The State of Michigan Department of Community Health, Office of Drug Control Policy, provides a basic evaluation toolkit. The focus is on alcohol, tobacco, other drugs (ATOD) and violence, but the toolkit is general enough to apply to other topics. Links to validated ATOD and violence surveys are available and include a description and appropriate use of each survey.

  • Pennsylvania State University, College of Agricultural Sciences Cooperative Extension and OutreachExternal

    This site provides information to design and implement a useful program evaluation to improve a program, compare delivery methods, respond to stakeholders, advocate, and prepare for program promotion. The site contains tip sheets focusing on logic modeling basics, creating questionnaires, developing objectives, sampling, and design of evaluations.

  • Program Development and EvaluationExternal

    The Program Development and Evaluation Unit of the University of Wisconsin’s Extension Program provides training and technical assistance that enables Cooperative Extension campus and community-based faculty and staff to plan, implement and evaluate high quality educational programs. In addition to a basic evaluation handbook, the evaluation publications include a variety of topics, such as logic modeling, data collection, and questionnaire design.