Youth Advisory Councils Action Plans

Schoolgirl presenting in front of science class, close up

Action plans are a critical step for Youth Advisory Councils (YACs) to prioritize needs and develop solutions. Action plans identify issues to address, the goals to achieve, and the steps to achieve those goals. Action plans guide the work of YACs.

Youth advisory councils work to improve the lives of young people in a school district. An STD testing campaign developed by a YAC that engages the entire school community is an example of such activity.

YACs also may recommend new policies or improvements to existing school policies. Young people often have innovative ideas for creating change. An action plan helps turn those ideas into reality.

Action plans engage YAC members and ensure that activities are having the desired effects. If you do not know where to start, the SMART framework can help guide you. Your YAC can use the sample action plan as a template when creating your own action plan.