Sample Action Plan

Creating an action plan is an important task. An action plan provides a written framework of the changes desired in your school or community.

Youth Advisory Councils (YACs) action plans fill the gap between where you are and where you want to be. It is the roadmap for the day-to-day work of the Council and a way to track progress.

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The following is an example of an action plan written and implemented by student members of a fictional youth advisory council.

Youth Advisory Council Background

Established in 2021, the District B YAC has 12 high school students from across the district. The Superintendent established the YAC to increase student engagement in programs focused on encouraging high school students to avoid drugs and risky sexual behaviors.

The council receives support from adult mentors, district leaders, and a community-based organization that partners with the district and provides youth leadership training to the YAC. This organization also provides meeting space and other supports to help the YAC succeed.

Issue Background

Student participation in programs about avoiding drugs and risky sexual behaviors has remained low despite the availability of high-quality prevention programs in high schools throughout the district. District officials do not currently understand what students like and do not like about the prevention programs or how to get more students engaged in these programs. They discussed this challenge with the YAC, hoping that the YAC could help.

Action Plan for Understanding Barriers to Youth Participation in Prevention Programming in a School District

View (or download) the sample action plan below to guide the development of your action plan.

Note: This sample action plan lists roles (e.g., YAC members, supportive adults). Real action plans should name specific people responsible for each step in the action plan. Depending on your school calendar, plan for a pause during Spring or Fall Break.