Deliver Professional Development Offerings

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Facilitate PD offerings using the design you developed to positively impact learning and create change. The Deliver practice is operationalized when the design, promotion, follow-up support, and evaluation practices come together in an effort to provide effective professional development offerings. Assess these delivery characteristics to ensure they are addressed throughout the professional development offering.

  • Provide an environment conducive to learning.
  • Use qualified PD providers (see Sustain).
  • Facilitate the PD offering, a group session or one-on-one TA.
  • Collect participation and registration data.
  • Provide and manage materials.
  • Manage AV/technology/resources.
  • Share plan to support transfer of learning and next steps.
  • Collect and record evaluation data from each PD offering, a group session or one-on-one TA (see Evaluate).