Design Professional Development Offerings

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Design offerings and technical assistance that are based on adult learning research, content-based learning theory, and best practice. Align the length of the PD offering with specific learning objectives. The Design practice emphasizes thoughtful and intentional planning for all PD experiences.

A PD Event is a set of skill-building processes and activities designed to assist a group of participants in mastering specific learning objectives. Such events are delivered in an adequate time span (at least three hours) and may include curriculum and other training, workshops, and online or distance learning courses.

PD Offerings include PD events, as well as information and presentation sessions, and technical assistance.

Group Sessions
  • Identify the primary target audience.
  • Conduct a pre-assessment and/or review available data to guide the development of specific, measurable and achievable learning objectives.
  • Develop a PD event or offering that includes:
    • Detailed agenda for the trainer and/or PD provider.
    • Pre-work and/or homework plan.
    • Participant action plan.
    • Promotion plan (see Promote).
    • Transfer of learning techniques (see Follow-up Support).
    • Evaluation plan (see Evaluate).
  • Develop, design, and organize materials.
  • Manage or hire someone to manage logistics (e.g., registration, venue, AV/technology).
One-On-One Technical Assistance
  • Establish and follow a technical assistance (TA) protocol that includes:
    • Process for establishing scope of TA need.
    • Expected results.
    • Determining a TA Provider with content expertise.
  • Develop a plan for TA delivery that includes:
    • Content to cover.
    • Data sources.
    • Estimated time.
    • Resources.
  • Include a follow-up support plan (see Follow-up Support).
  • Plan for evaluation, as applicable (see Evaluate), including:
    • Tracking TA process and outcomes.