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Drinking Water Advisory Communication Toolbox

The Drinking Water Advisory Communication Toolbox is a practical guide to help water systems effectively communicate with partners and the public about water advisories. The research-based toolbox focuses on different situations that cause water systems to issue drinking water advisories. These situations include water main breaks, drops in pressure, flooding, hurricanes, or intentional contamination.

Use the toolbox to plan, develop, implement, and evaluate drinking water advisories.

What’s Included?

  • How to prepare before an event
  • What to do during an event
  • Recommendations for follow-up actions
  • Templates and tools for planning, implementing, and evaluating advisories
  • Information about microbial, chemical, and toxin contamination
  • Specific guidance for various types of facilities (for example, high-rise buildings, childcare facilities, and healthcare facilities)
  • Recommendations on flushing the water system

How to Use the Toolbox

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