Eliminating Malaria


The U.S. President’s Malaria Initiative (PMI), provides cost-effective, life-saving malaria interventions, and technical assistance to eliminate malaria. The PMI program is a multi-agency initiative that is led by USAID and co-implemented with CDC. In Tanzania, CDC has assigned a resident advisor to support the implementation of malaria prevention and control interventions that include procuring and distributing insecticide-treated bed nets and Artemisinin-based combination therapy, preventing malaria in pregnancy, improving diagnostics and case management, and strengthening laboratory services. Since 2006, PMI investments have totaled over $660 million in Tanzania. These investments, alongside dedicated collaboration with the governments in Tanzania and Zanzibar, have helped Tanzania achieve a 50% reduction in malaria prevalence. Through CDC support, Tanzania has also decreased child death rates by 40% over the past 10 years and purchased more than 20 million rapid diagnostic test kits and 38 million Artemisinin-based combination therapy treatments.

In FY2021, PMI procured and distributed more than 3.6 million insecticide-treated bed nets and 2.5 million doses of Artemisinin- based combination therapy to the 14 highest malaria regions and support indoor residual spraying for over 500,000 homes protecting over 2 million Tanzanians.