CDC Global Health Strategy 2012 - 2015

NOTE: This strategy document is provided for historical purposes. CDC is currently developing a strategy for 2016 that will be made available on this page in the months ahead.

Since its inception, CDC has envisioned a world where people live healthier, safer, and longer lives. CDC’s Global Health StrategyCdc-pdf communicates this vision and outlines how CDC will leverage its core strengths to advance four overarching global health goals: improving the health and well-being of people around the world, improving capabilities for preparing and responding to infectious diseases and emerging health threats, building country public health capacity and maximizing organizational capacity.

A summary of CDC’s global health strategyCdc-pdf is available.

A visual snapshot of CDC’s global health frameworkCdc-pdf is also available.

2012 Annual Report on the Global Health StrategyCdc-pdf

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