CDC Global Health Strategy 2019 -2021

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) aspires to create a world where people – in the United States and around the globe – live healthier, safer, and longer lives. As the lead U.S. Government (USG) agency dedicated to the health and safety of the American people, CDC works 24/7 worldwide to reduce morbidity and mortality and safeguard communities by addressing global health threats before they affect the United States. Achieving this vision requires that CDC draws upon its scientific and technical expertise, innovation, and research to address known and emerging public health threats globally, whether naturally occurring or man-made.

CDC understands the importance of the trust placed in the agency to keep Americans safe from public health threats both domestically and abroad. CDC also takes seriously its responsibility to be a good steward of resources and to ensure efficiencies by demonstrating its impact on leading public health priorities, fostering technical sustainability, and reducing the economic impact from diseases.

CDC Core Technical Strengths

CDC’s global health strategy is built around the agency’s core strengths: our scientific leadership and expertise, laboratory capacity and innovation, and data analytics to drive impact. CDC has unique expertise in using public health data to inform decisions, building public health laboratory capacity, developing a strong public health workforce, and establishing systems for emergency operations and response. In addition, CDC has deep technical expertise in disease-specific areas, operational research, implementation and evaluation of public health programs, and provision of technical assistance to Ministries of Health (MOHs), other public health institutions, Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and private sector industries.


CDC aspires to create a world where people – in the United States and around the globe – live healthier, safer, and longer lives.


CDC’s global health mission is to improve the health, safety, and security of Americans while reducing morbidity and mortality worldwide.

Goals and Objectives

Goal 1 - Health Impact: Save lives, improve health outcomes, and foster healthy populations globally

Objective 1.1: Reduce the morbidity and mortality of high burden diseases and conditions

Objective 1.2: Eliminate and eradicate priority diseases and other public health threats

Goal 2 – Health Security: Protect Americans and populations across the globe by strengthening global public health prevention, detection, and response

Objective 2.1: Strengthen the capacity to prevent and detect disease outbreaks and other public health threats

Objective 2.2: Strengthen the capacity for timely and effective response to disease outbreaks and other public health threats

Goal 3 - Public Health Science Leadership: Lead and influence the advancement of global public health science and practice

Objective 3.1: Develop and apply global public health scientific, laboratory, and programmatic expertise

Objective 3.2: Translate and disseminate evidence-based research and data into global health guidance, policy, and programs

Objective 3.3: Drive innovation to accelerate new, more effective tools, products, strategies, and technologies

Pillars of CDC’s Global Health Strategy

Scientific Expertise

CDC has a demonstrated record of trailblazing science, evidence-based decision-making and action, and an experienced workforce that are experts in their fields. Our workforce is available to address the most urgent global public health threats.

Diverse Partnerships

CDC fosters health diplomacy through its longstanding bilateral and multilateral partnerships, engagement with the private sector, and ongoing collaborations with academic institutions and foundations. CDC maximizes the agency’s unique role while leveraging these diverse partnerships to achieve measurable health impact around the world.


CDC takes seriously its responsibility to be a good steward of resources by demonstrating impact on leading public health priorities, fostering technical sustainability, reducing the economic impact of disease outbreaks globally, and building lasting capacity for countries to address current and future health needs.


CDC leverages the latest technologies and advanced analytics to accelerate public health impact. CDC develops new medical countermeasures, diagnostics, laboratory and data platforms, and explores new ways to innovate across its global health portfolio by identifying unique models of collaboration and partnerships.

Health Equity

CDC helps to eliminate health disparities and achieve optimal health for all. CDC addresses health equity and reaches those in greatest need through its global programs, research, tools and resources, and leadership.


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