Global Public Health Data Innovation


CDC’s Global Public Health Data Innovation (GPHDI) aims to address key barriers to effective use of data in public health response. This three-year initiative is supported by investment from the 2021 U.S. American Rescue Plan Act. GPHDI allows CDC’s work through the Data Modernization Initiative to be leveraged for global health in 10 target countries in the Americas, Africa, and Asia.

CDC responds directly and partners with countries around the world to improve their ability to respond to infectious and non-communicable diseases as part of its commitment to protecting the American people from health and environmental threats. Through its unique expertise in using public health data to inform decisions, as well as establishing systems for emergency operations and response, CDC provides collaborations that enhance global health security.

In alignment with these broader CDC goals, GPHDI funds activities focused on core components that strengthen global outbreak response, pandemic preparedness, and surveillance through improved data availability and use by modernizing data systems and processes at all levels.


Ten target countries include Honduras, Colombia, Paraguay, Sierra Leone, Uganda, Kenya, Zambia, Thailand, Ukraine, and Georgia.

These activities support projects that:

  • Bolster capabilities for public health decision making through strengthening of national level data analytics infrastructure and computational platforms
  • Enable scalable and timely public health response through Public Health Data Automation
  • Enhance data availability and use through data integration and Health Information Exchange
  • Increase capacity building in digital health
  • Extend coordination and leadership in digital health

GPHDI strives to overcome key barriers to effective use of data in public health response including:

  • Issues with data systems or data-intensive public health processes
  • Workforce limitations that inhibit rapid adoption and deployment of digital health solutions at scale
  • Gaps in data systems governance and policy that inhibit the development and implementation of digital health strategy and response planning


Core Components

Cloud Infrastructure

Establish roadmaps for adoption of cloud services models that prioritize data sovereignty and governance.

Data Automation and Reporting

Support digital enablement and business transformation for electronic laboratory and case reporting, and the adoption of computable specifications and SMART guidelines.

Data Standards

Promote and provide technical assistance to harmonize and adopt messaging and content standards for health data.

Data Analytics Platforms

Develop and implement global health use cases for integrated data analytics platforms.

Data Integration

Establish process and architecture for integration of data from multiple sources to improve decision making and situational awareness.

Governance, Leadership, and Policy

Draft policy and governance documents for adoption at the country level and provide coordinated technical assistance.


Enable workforce development through development of training materials and programs in public health informatics.

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