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DMI 2021 snapshot

Read our 2021 DMI Snapshot to explore our progress to date, and see our timeline of notable milestones and advancements.

CDC’s Data Modernization Initiative (DMI) is a multi-year, billion-plus dollar effort to modernize core data and surveillance infrastructure across the federal and state public health landscape.

This initiative is not just about technology, but also about putting the right people, processes, and policies in place to help us solve problems before they happen and reduce the harm caused by the problems that do happen.

The Data Modernization Initiative Strategic Implementation Plan pdf icon[PDF – 1 MB] lays out our key priorities and objectives for reaching the future state of public health data.

DMI Basics
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Get answers to basic questions about DMI.

DMI and COVID-19
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Learn more about DMI‘s impact on the fight against COVID-19.

DMI and Health Equity
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See how DMI is leading the way to more equitable health.

Find fact sheets, issue briefs, and other tools for understanding DMI.

Get a deeper look at projects pushing modernization forward.

Learn how DMI is supporting state and local health partners.

See how we’re measuring our success and keeping DMI on track.

Private-Sector Partnerships

CDC values the unique strengths private-sector partners can bring to our work.

If you are interested in partnering with the Data Modernization Initiative, please visit our Consortium for Data Modernization page

Forecasting and Analytics

Data modernization is critical to the work of the Center for Forecasting and Outbreak Analysis (CFA).