Public Health Data Strategy

Public Health Data Strategy, public health data goals and two-year milestones
What is the Public Health Data Strategy?

The Public Health Data Strategy (PHDS) outlines the data, technology, policy, and administrative actions essential to exchange critical core data efficiently and securely across healthcare and public health.

The strategy is designed to describe a path to address gaps in public health data, helping the nation become response-ready, promote health equity, and improve health outcomes for all.

View the full strategy [891 KB, 20 Pages].

View the PHDS fact sheet [392 KB, 2 Pages]. (See accessible version.)

The Public Health Data Strategy is an ambitious but necessary plan to improve the exchange of core data across healthcare and public health. 

Successful implementation of the strategy — and achievement of the Public Health Data Goals over the next two years ― will require collaboration with STLTs, healthcare partners, and other federal agencies, as well as sustained resources.