PHDS Progress in 2023

The Public Health Data Strategy (PHDS) was launched in 2023 with an ambitious set of 15 milestones. At the end of the year, 12 milestones had been met and work continues on the remaining three.

Meeting the 12 milestones represents tangible success and CDC continues to work towards milestones that are both ambitious and achievable. See the status of the milestones below.

The work done to meet those 2023 milestones has made a measurable difference in our nation’s ability to respond to existing health threats and to detect and respond to future public health threats. Progress made in 2023 includes:

  • Laboratory data representing more than 300 million Americans are made available by CDC, improving national situational awareness across conditions.1
  • More than one million Americans have accessed the public Respiratory Virus Data Channel, enabling greater preparedness during the 2023-2024 respiratory threat season.
  • More than 30,900 healthcare facilities, including more than 380 critical access hospitals (CAHs), send electronic case reports (eCR), enabling faster detection of health anomalies across communities.2
  • More than 90 conditions are tracked in case data dashboards provided to state, tribal, local and territorial (STLT) public health departments and CDC programs, reducing time spent cleaning and visualizing data, making it easier to take public health action.
  • 92% of state public health laboratories able to directly exchange standardized test orders and results with at least one healthcare partner for at least one laboratory program3, enabling faster exchange of critical laboratory data.
  • 52% of jurisdictions ingest electronic case data directly into disease surveillance systems, reducing the burden on STLT public health departments to manually ingest case data.4

PHDS 2023 Milestones and Their Status

2023 Year-End Lookback Report: From Insights to Impact
OPHDST 2023 PHDS Year-End LookBack Report

Read the OPHDST Public Health Data Strategy 2023 Year-End Lookback Report: From Insights to Impact [419 KB, 3 Pages] to learn more about 2023 PHDS milestones and our path to data modernization.

1. Compared to more than 285 million Americans covered by laboratory data collected and made available by CDC in early 2023 (Source: CDC estimates)
2. Compared to approximately 300 CAHs, and more than 25,000 healthcare facilities using eCR in early 2023 (Source: eCR factsheet, CDC estimates)
3. Increase of 18 percentage points compared to 74% of state public health laboratories in early 2023; includes ETOR implementation through web portal, direct integration and intermediaries (Source: CDC estimates)
4. Increase of 14 percentage points compared to 38% of STLTs in early 2023 that were ingesting eCR data into disease surveillance systems (Source: CDC estimates)