How the Snapshot Works

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The 2022 DMI Snapshot offers a suite of materials that demonstrate progress at CDC and beyond. The Snapshot brings together:

An overview of “What data modernization looks like,” including:

  • How modernization benefits the people who use the data
  • The technologies that make their work possible
  • The changes in how we work together
  • Examples of results achieved so far

A printable booklet that captures key highlights. The booklet provides a visual, easy-to-read mix of quotes, snippets, and metrics selected from this year’s stories.

A collection of stories that offer a “deep dive” into the many ways DMI impacts the data, people, and policies needed to move our nation forward. For example:

  • Data: We continued improving technologies so that, once we receive data, it’s easier to access it, analyze it, and deliver it to the people who need it most. Cloud-based platforms are connecting CDC’s programs with data faster. Automated connections are saving time and reducing the burden on our state and local partners. And interactive dashboards and visualizations are making more data available to the public in near-real time.
  • People: DMI strengthened connection points with our partners, including through the launch of the Consortium for Data Modernization. We expanded trainings to give the public health workforce the support they need to gain better skills and greater knowledge from the data. And we supported work at the state and local levels that is already helping communities make timelier and better decisions for health.
  • Policies: We worked to modernize data exchange and reimagine the policies that support our data flows. Inside CDC, we’ve continued to break down siloes through shared governance and by standing up cross-agency teams that help us think boldly toward common solutions for common challenges.

Our nation and communities need timely and trustworthy data to track evolving health trends and take effective action. The Snapshot shows how, with DMI, we’re creating a future where public health data drives action in real time — efficiently, flexibly, rapidly, and with impact.

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