National organizations and public health associations support CDC’s data modernization efforts in a variety of ways. Activities include:

  • Increasing awareness of data modernization goals and activities
  • Providing perspectives on priorities and strategies for modernizing public health data and surveillance
  • Identifying challenges that delay modernization efforts and possible solutions
  • Strengthening data modernization capacity at the national, state, and local levels
  • Supporting workforce development
  • Highlighting data modernization successes
Partner Highlight: CDC Foundation

The CDC Foundation has been a long-trusted partner for CDC and in the past years became an invaluable partner for data modernization. The Foundation supports CDC’s work by connecting us with a variety of groups across the public health landscape so we can better understand data modernization needs and barriers. Specific activities the Foundation has facilitated thus far include

  • Hosting listening sessions with healthcare associations, industry, electronic health records market suppliers, and health information exchanges
  • Organizing informational webinars to provide updates on CDC’s data modernization efforts
  • Ensuring that health departments at all levels and community-based organizations are included in data modernization discussions and activities
  • Supporting a fellowship program for technology experts from the private sector to help CDC with specific, short-term data modernization projects