CDC’s Global Digital Health Strategy

CDC’s Global Digital Health Strategy

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Global Digital Health Strategy (GDHS) aims to improve the availability and use of data in health systems and accelerate digital enablement of the global health workforce through a paradigm shift in how digital health is implemented at country, regional, and global levels. CDC published the (GDHS) as a call to the global health community to rally around the vision of interoperable global digital platforms. The GDHS provides the first steps of the roadmap to achieve digital health goals through a coordinated, global effort.

Aligned with the CDC Data Modernization Initiative, the GDHS was developed through a collaborative process with a broad array of internal and external partners and organizations.

The strategy is organized around four concepts that make up a digitally enabled global health system:

  • Global and Regional Monitoring and Response
  • Country Health Programs
  • Country Digital Enablement
  • Common Infrastructure

We encourage you to read this strategy to learn about this vision of digital transformation and the role CDC will play in its realization.