Center for Global Health Leadership

  • Director Center for Global Health (Acting):
    Denise Cardo, MD
  • Principal Deputy Director (Acting):
    Hank Tomlinson, PhD
  • Associate Director for Science/Chief Medical Officer:
    Vikas Kapil, DO, MPH
  • Associate Director for Laboratory Science:
    CDR Anne Purfield, PhD
  • Associate Director for Global Emergency Preparedness and Response: 
    Athalia Christie, DrPH, MIA
  • Deputy Director for Strategy, Policy and Communication (Acting):
    Ellen Wan, MPH
  • Associate Director for Policy:
    Marita Eibl, PhD, ADP
  • Associate Director for Communication:
    Jackie Rosenthal, MPA
  • Associate Director for Global Health Security (Acting):
    Michael Mahar, PhD
  • Senior Policy Advisor, CGH Washington:
    Kristie Mikus, DrPH, MPH
  • Deputy Director, Management and Overseas Operations:
    Ted Pestorius, MPA
  • Assistant Deputy Director, Management and Overseas Operations:
    Viviane W. Chao, MALD
  • Management Officer:
    Melanie Moser, MPH
  • Associate Director for Overseas Operations:
    Patrick Chong, MPH
  • Associate Director for Informatics & Information Resources:
    Xenophon Santas, BA
  • Senior Advisor:
    Pamela Dougherty, MA
  • Special Assistant:
    Jenna Ciszewski, MPH
  • Special Assistant:
    Romana Allison, MPH
  • Executive Assistant:
    Leticha Heflin-Word, MS, DSL
  • Division of Global Health Protection Director (Acting):
    Simon Agolory, MD
  • Division of Global HIV & TB Director (Acting):
    Surbhi Modi, MD, MPH
  • Division of Parasitic Diseases & Malaria Director:
    Monica Parise, MD
  • Global Immunization Division Director:
    John Vertefeuille, PhD