Educational Materials for Health Professionals

Healthy lifestyle goals calendar.

Eat Smart, Move More! [PDF – 934 KB]

This fillable calendar can help your patients reach their healthy eating and physical activity goals one day at a time.

Less than 3%26#37; of eligible patients with heart failure attend at least 1 session of cardiac rehabilitation.

Cardiac rehabilitation (CR) saves lives, but only a portion of eligible patients participate, even after being referred. Quality improvement teams can use the Million Hearts® Cardiac Rehabilitation Change Package to select from a menu of options for specific interventions to improve CR utilization.

Data and Statistics

  • Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS)
    Information about health conditions and behaviors in the United States from the BRFSS, the world’s largest ongoing telephone health survey.
    Statistics on public health topics; links to sources of additional data and related Web pages.


Reports, Guidelines and Recommendations