Workplace Health Promotion (WHP)

Policy Resources

Workplace health promotion (WHP) is a coordinated set of activities and strategies at the workplace to encourage the health and safety of all employees.

Evidence shows that well-designed and well-executed WHP programs, founded on evidence-informed principles, can achieve positive health and financial outcomes. As of 2013, 41 states had enacted some type of law to encourage and support WHP.

Policy Evidence Assessment Reports (PEARs)

The Policy Evidence Assessment Report What Could Be Addressed in an Evidence-Informed State Workplace Health Promotion Law? assesses the evidence for 21 types of workplace health promotion interventions addressed in state laws to inform policy decision makers, researchers, and program coordinators. The infographic provides a one-page summary of the full report.

State Law Analyses and Resources

State Law Fact Sheets describe the scientific evidence in support of legal interventions and describe the extent to which states have enacted such laws. Related policy analyses provide further context and information.

Related Resources

Find related policy resources from CDC and other organizations.

Shareable Resources

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