CDC’s Division for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention developed guides to support program and evaluation managers, health professionals, pharmacists, and community health workers in their heart disease and stroke prevention efforts.

Best Practices Guide for CVD Prevention
This guide describes and summarizes scientific evidence behind 8 effective strategies for lowering high blood pressure and cholesterol levels that can be implemented in health care systems and that involve community-clinical links.

These guides cover a wide range of topics to help health professionals prevent and control heart disease and stroke in their communities.

These guides include resources and information for health professionals partnering with pharmacists as well as tools and strategies pharmacists can use to improve patient care.

Moving Into Action: Promoting Heart-Healthy and Stroke-Free Communities (Part of the Public Health Action Plan)
This guide is a series of action items designed to help governors, state legislators, local officials, employers, and health care leaders promote heart–healthy and stroke–free communities. Included are examples gathered from states and communities that are working to reduce these risks and a summary of the science underlying heart disease and stroke prevention.

These data resource guides cover a wide range of topic for the prevention and control of heart disease and stroke in communities.

These guides are designed for health professionals and community workers to use in their heart disease and stroke prevention programs.

  • Heart-Healthy and Stroke-Free: A Social Environment Handbook
    In this handbook, public health professionals, advocacy groups, and community and state leaders will find specific ideas and strategies for identifying barriers and promoters for heart-healthy and stroke-free living in local environments. Although many public health tools are available for “community diagnosis,” this handbook is unique because of its focus on prevention and treatment of heart disease and stroke.
  • Prevention Works: CDC Strategies for a Heart-Healthy and Stroke-Free America
    This guide provides a snapshot of heart diseases and stroke prevention at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It also provides information on the health and economic costs of chronic diseases to the nation and outlines CDC’s prevention strategies.
Best Practices for Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Programs

Find guides on a variety of topics to support community health workers, health professionals, pharmacists, and evaluators.