Evaluation Resources

Evaluation Reporting

The Division for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention (DHDSP) has evaluation tools and resources to assist state health departments, tribal organizations, public health professionals, communities, and partners in their programmatic and evaluation efforts. The guides, summaries, and trainings would be helpful for heart disease and stroke prevention programs or anyone working in chronic disease prevention.

Featured Resources

CDC Health Systems Scorecard
Health Systems Scorecard (HSSC) Version 2.0

The CDC’s Health Systems Scorecard (HSSC) Version 2.0 is a voluntary quality improvement tool to assess evidence-based chronic disease care management policies and practices. Download and share the following tools:

Grady Implementation Guide

This implementation guide for public health practitioners and health care professionals is based on the Grady Heart Failure Program. The guide provides a detailed description of an effective intervention to address health disparities among heart failure patients.