Heart Disease and Stroke Maps and Data

Tools and Resources for Heart Disease and Stroke Surveillance
Interactive Atlas of Heart Disease and Stroke

Create county-level maps of mortality, hospitalizations, socioeconomic conditions, and more.

Local Trends in Heart Disease and Stroke Mortality Dashboard

Explore maps and graphs showing where heart disease and stroke death rates are increasing, decreasing or remaining stable.

Quick Maps of Heart Disease and Stroke

Easily download high quality maps of heart disease, stroke, and socio-economic conditions for use in presentations and reports.

Heart Disease and Stroke Widget

Embed interactive state- and county-level maps on your website to highlight heart disease and stroke in your community.

GIS Exchange

Visit the map gallery, submit your own map, learn to use GIS software, and find GIS resources.

GIS Capacity

Learn how CDC is working with health departments to build GIS capacity for the surveillance and prevention of heart disease and stroke.