San Francisco Climate and Health Program

Lead Organization: San Francisco Department of Health

Program Name: San Francisco Climate and Health Program

The San Francisco Department of Public Health’s Climate and Health Program works to address the local health impacts of extreme heat, flooding and extreme storms, drought and wildfire, and allergies and air pollution through the development of vulnerability assessments, literature reviews and emergency plans, data analysis and mapping, outreach and engagement to community-based organizations and other stakeholders, and working interdepartmentally to bring a health perspective to citywide climate action and preparedness efforts. San Francisco is particularly vulnerable to the health impacts of extreme heat. A study of a 2006 California heat wave found that during extreme heat events, San Francisco’s emergency department visits increased more than almost anywhere else in the state. The Climate and Health Program has helped San Francisco prepare for future extreme heat events by informing the city’s extreme heat emergency response plan, developing and deploying extreme heat preparedness trainings specifically for older adults, and engaging local clinicians about how to discuss extreme heat preparedness with their patients.

Climate-Ready City funded since 2010

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