Climate and Health Evaluation

The Climate and Health Program uses CDC’s Evaluation Framework to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of climate and health work. In order to better understand and improve our impact across climate and health programs, interventions, and projects, the program has translated the first three steps of the framework into a video series. The videos address some of the challenges evaluators face when conducting climate and health evaluation planning, using real-world examples to demonstrate best practices.

Because this series translates existing evaluation guidance, all viewers are encouraged to also review CDC’s Evaluation Resources. Additionally, users can find topic-specific evaluation guidance from other CDC programs, including the CDC’s National Asthma Control Program’s Learning and Growing Series, the Division of Violence Prevention’s EvaluACTION, and the Office of Smoking and Health’s Developing an Effective Evaluation Plan workbook.

Please click the video icons below to start each video. Viewers should watch the videos in the order they are presented below.

Evaluating Health Adaptation for a Changing Climate

Please check back with us for updates! The Program will be adding new videos and supplemental materials to accompany the video series.

Page last reviewed: January 29, 2020