Evaluating Climate and Health


The Climate and Health Program uses CDC's Evaluation Framework to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of climate and health work.

The Climate and Health Program also supports grant recipients and practitioners in the field to conduct local evaluations of climate and health adaptation interventions to understand and improve impact.

To highlight the evaluation planning process for climate and health, the program has translated the steps of the CDC Evaluation Framework into a video series. The videos showcase best practices evaluators can apply, as well as some common challenges, using real-world examples of today's most pressing climate threats, namely heat, flooding, and insect vectors.

Video Series: Evaluating Health Adaptation for a Changing Climate

Please click the video icons below to start each video. Viewers should watch the videos in the order they are presented below.

Evaluation resources and guidance

The program has also developed a generic template for practitioners to use when writing adaptation action and evaluation plans. Supplementary example plans have been developed based on two case studies presented in the video series. The first is a home health intervention for heat illness prevention and the second describes a storm water management intervention to prevent waterborne illness.

Other evaluation resources are available via CDC's Program Performance and Evaluation Office. Practitioners can also find applicable evaluation guidance from other CDC programs, including: