NH Climate and Health Program

Lead Organization: NH Division of Public Health Services

Program Name: NH Climate and Health Program

The New Hampshire Climate and Health Program works to build community resilience to threats such as extreme heat and injury, flooding and injury, tick habitat, and vector-borne disease. The program serves the public via a focus on target populations, including the elderly, lower-income communities, and individuals spending time outdoors. The program funds partners for two multi-year interventions to address 1) severe weather and home emergency preparedness among older adults in a river valley, and 2) expanding insect seasons, tick exposure, and tick-safe practices among outdoor counselor and campers in the Seacoast region. A heat-safety flyer was created for the elderly population to warn about hot weather and provide suggestions on how to stay cool, hydrated, and informed. One of the program’s internal agency adaptation activities is updating a state-level extreme heat response plan. Another internal adaptation activity is to fund the testing of shellfish in warming waters to reduce the risk of food-borne disease. The Climate and Health Program has collaborated with the Environmental Public Health Tracking Program to post information for heat injuries on an interactive data portal.

Climate-Ready State funded since 2012

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