Maryland Climate Change Health Adaptation Program

Lead Organization: Maryland Department of Health and University of Maryland

Program Name: Maryland Climate Change Health Adaptation Program

The Maryland Climate Change Health Adaptation Program is the lead for integration of health adaptation into the state’s response to a changing climate. Located in the Maryland Department of Health, the program provides a health focus to climate response efforts across the state, through technical assistance, development of epidemiologic tools and data products, and education and outreach. The program primarily addresses extreme heat, air quality and respiratory illness, water-borne diseases, and extreme weather events, such as hurricanes and tornadoes. The program, which is closely integrated with the Maryland Commission on Climate Change, includes education and outreach for school age youth (K-12), minority groups, community health workers, and informal healthcare networks. Among the products of the program is a climate change training curriculum for community health workers and extension workers. The training increases competency among informal healthcare networks in order to advise patients and community members on how to understand climate impact on themselves and their health. The program’s Climate Ambassador program, which is a program targeted at school age youth in Maryland, provides students with tools and information to educate and empower themselves and their communities to respond to the impacts of a changing climate.

Climate-Ready State funded since 2012

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