Bureau of Environmental Health

Lead Organization: Massachusetts Department of Health (MDPH)

Program Name: Bureau of Environmental Health

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MDPH) has received Climate and Health Program funding from CDC since 2010. The MDPH Bureau of Environmental Health (BEH) has used this funding to assist local and state partners in preparing for the health impact of climate change. Climate hazards of particular focus in Massachusetts include inland flooding, heat, air quality, sea level rise, and extreme weather events. MDPH/BEH activities include a previous needs assessment of local health departments, development of a Climate Vulnerability Mapping Tool, risk-based assessment of climate related impacts (e.g. asthma, waterborne disease), identification of intervention and adaptation strategies, and evaluation of local climate and health action strategies using a Health Impact Assessment (HIA) framework. The MDPH program also leverages the BEH Environmental Public Health Tracking Network, utilizing the Massachusetts portal as a gateway for providing regionally relevant resources for evaluating health outcomes, environmental exposures, and vulnerability to climate change impacts at the community level. MDPH also works collaboratively with state agency partners to assess climate hazards and recommend specific adaptation strategies. For example, the 2018 State Hazard Mitigation and Climate Adaptation Program Report, combines the state’s FEMA Hazard Assessment with climate data to inform adaptation recommendations for local climate change planning.  Collectively, the tools and resources developed by MDPH assist local and state agencies in reducing climate-related health risks in Massachusetts.

Climate-Ready State funded since 2010

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