12 COVID-19 Vaccination Strategies for Your Community

A Field Guide to Support the Work of Health Departments and Community Organizations

illustration of four settings: drive through testing, home setting, farm setting, university setting

This COVID-19 Vaccination Field Guide presents 12 COVID-19 vaccination strategies adapted from evidence-based practices implemented nationwide to help increase vaccine confidence and uptake.

Vaccine confidence is the belief that vaccines work, are safe, and are part of a trustworthy medical system. Without some level of confidence, people will not move toward receiving a vaccine for themselves or their children.

Vaccine uptake refers to the proportion of the population that has received a vaccine.

This Field Guide also includes examples from communities and organizations that have used these strategies to help increase COVID-19 vaccinations. Each strategy addresses common barriers to getting a COVID-19 vaccine—structural, behavioral, or informational. Refer to pages 6-7 of the complete Field Guide for a list of barriers and their meanings.

When implementing any of these strategies, consider real-world factors by assessing the cost (dollars, time, effort, staffing), involving community leaders in planning and execution, and piloting the effort to measure success before wider execution.

You can also view trends in COVID-19 vaccine confidence in the U.S. to inform your efforts. Fundamental to any strategy is establishing trust with your community of focus by fostering strong partnerships with trusted organizations and communicating responsively.

COVID-19 Vaccination Field Guide: 12 Strategies for Your Community

COVID-19 Vaccination Field Guide: 12 Strategies for Your Community

Published August 2021

elderly couple/COVID - 19 Vaccination Field Guide Addendum: Rural Considerations/Vaccine Confidence and Uptake Strategies

Addendum: Rural Considerations for Vaccine Confidence and Uptake Strategies

Published December 2021


12 Strategies to Help Increase COVID-19 Vaccine Confidence and Uptake

Health departments and community organizations are encouraged to try a combination of the following strategies: