Accessing Restricted Data

This section outlines the steps you should take after you have received approval of your proposal. Your approved proposal is the basis for the composition of your dataset, the analysis you will run, and the resulting output you will be allowed to have outside of the RDC.

Typically, steps 1-4 happen simultaneously.  You must complete all applicable steps before you begin your analysis. Due to the variability between projects, we are unable to provide an estimate of how long it will take to access your data at your RDC location.

Step 1: Discuss your proposal approval, data merge, and fees with your assigned RDC Analyst. Then, create a public-use/non-NCHS data file and email it to your RDC Analyst.



Step 2: Read the Disclosure Review Manual and disclosure review procedures at the link below. Submit the Confidentiality Orientation Certificate and Designated Agent Forms to your RDC Analyst.

Confidentiality and Disclosure

Step 3: Your RDC Analyst will create your analytic data file once your public-use/non-NCHS file and payment is received.

Step 4: Review the rules for your location of access. Location of Access

Step 5: Set an appointment for accessing the data at your RDC location. Please schedule your appointment at least one week in advance.

Step 6: Conduct analysis and submit output for review. Output Review

Step 7 (As needed): Update your proposal through the amendment process or extend the time to complete your project. Proposal Amendment

Step 8: Send your manuscript to your RDC Analyst for review before submitting it for publication. Publications

Step 9: Send your RDC Analyst the website URL for your published manuscript for the RDC publications webpage.