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Creating Your Analytic Data Set

The RDC Analyst will merge all of the files. We provide access to data needed to answer your research questions, but will limit any excess variables. This leads to two policies:

  • The researcher will provide the public and non-NCHS data. Those data files will only include variables necessary for analysis (as specified in the proposal).
  • The RDC Analysts follow policies to protect geographic, temporal, and perturbed/masked data.

Steps for Providing the Public Use Data

Important Notes about Submitting Public Data

  • Any attempt to include variables that may lead to re-identification of subjects/establishments is considered a disclosure violation and will result in the cessation of your project and possible legal actions.
  • If you are requesting access to the restricted Mortality files, you cannot include any public use mortality variables, or variables derived from the public use mortality data.
  • Do not include variables that are not listed in your approved proposal without first updating your proposal and discussing the matter with your RDC Analyst. Additional variables will require additional review.

Merging the Data

  1. The RDC Analyst will merge all of the files based on the specifications in the merge section of the proposal. We strongly encourage you to discuss the merge with your RDC Analyst throughout the process to ensure that the data set is created to your specifications.
  2. RDC Analysts will follow the policies to protect geographic, temporal, and perturbed/masked data listed below.
  3. Once the merge is complete, the RDC Analyst will send you a PROC CONTENTS for review. Please check the number of observations, variables, and the list of variables to make sure everything you are expecting has been included.
  4. If you have questions about any of the restricted variables, do not hesitate to ask.
  5. Data sets will be made accessible as SAS data sets unless otherwise specified.

Policies to Protect Geographic, Temporal, Perturbed/Masked Information