Fees and Invoicing

Project fees are made up of two parts the content of the proposal and access mode, and therefore vary from project to project. The estimated cost of a project is $3,000.

If you have additional questions regarding fees, please contact rdca@cdc.gov.

Fees and Invoicing Information
Service Type Fee Unit Description
Management 750.00 Day
  • All researchers pay RDC management fees
  • Complex projects that take more time, need special handling, or require a custom file format may require more than a day to setup
  • Will be applied for transferring your data across modes of access (e.g. from remote access to Census RDC) if not specified in the approved proposal
  • May be assessed when an additional merge is requested (e.g. adding a new restricted variable or survey cycle)
On Site Access 300.00 Day
  • Full day charged for any fraction of the day
Federal Statistical RDC 3,000.00 Project
  • Up to four (4) days of management fees
  • Additional management fees may be applied
  • Contact FSRDC for additional fees

Special Notes:

CDC employees and contractors should check the RDC intranet site for details about fees

Data hosting users should read the hosted data page for details about fees. The DHHS restricted page provides a complete list of hosted data products.


Payment Options

Checks and money orders

Make checks payable to:

DHHS for Statistical Services

  • All checks and money orders must have the invoice number and institutional EIN (Tax ID).
  • Payment must be received on or before the project start date.
  • Payments should be mailed to the address on the invoice.


The RDC is not responsible for payments that get lost in the mail. 


Inter-Agency Agreements

Inter-Agency Agreements must be at least $3,000 and cover all project cost for the period of performance.  All IAA must be processed before May 31st. For more information, please contact your RDC Analyst or rdca@cdc.gov.



The RDC does not give refunds but may provide credit for future RDC services, depending on the circumstances. You will not be penalized for requesting multiple invoices on a project.

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