Research and Development Survey (RANDS)

The Research and Development Survey (RANDS) examines methods used to detect measurement error and to calibrate survey method estimates.  The specific questions vary by round, but the survey is always focused on health behaviors and conditions.  Topics that have been included on RANDS include

  • Self-rated health
  • Chronic conditions including diabetes, hypertension, lung conditions, and high cholesterol
  • Smoking behaviors
  • Drinking behaviors
  • Physical activity
  • Affect and psychological distress
  • Pain
  • Opioid use

The RANDS questionnaires are primarily composed of National Health Interview Survey questions, as well as some NCHS-developed probes that are designed to capture the response process.  These questionnaires have been administered to members of commercially-available, recruited, “probability-based” web panels.  Each round of RANDS has approximately 2000 respondents.

Data and Documentation:
Round 1- Autumn 2015 pdf icon[PDF – 58 KB]
Round 2- Spring 2016 pdf icon[PDF – 79 KB]
Round 3- Spring 2019 pdf icon[PDF – 191 KB]

Each file includes questionnaire data, limited paradata, some demographic and characteristic data, and sample weights.  The datafiles include records on both survey responders, partial responders, and sampled non-responders



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