Confidentiality and Disclosure

Maintaining confidentiality is the primary objective of the Research Data Center. Together, the confidentiality orientation, confidentiality forms, and disclosure manual outline practices that are essential to protecting the data and preventing disclosure of confidential information.The Research Team and other authors listed in the proposal must complete the Confidentiality Orientation and Confidentiality Forms.


Confidentiality Orientation

It should take 10-20 minutes to complete the orientation. At the conclusion of the orientation, you will be asked to take a quiz. You need to score a 100%.


Confidentiality Forms

Because the forms are specific to the proposal, they will need to be completed each time you have a new approved proposal with the RDC.

Provide these forms including your confidentiality orientation certificate to your RDC Analyst as soon as possible. Forms can be submitted via email or by mail, if emailed make sure the notary seal is visible. You will not be permitted to begin your research until we receive your completed forms.



Disclosure Review

Our disclosure review policies and procedures exist to protect the confidentiality of NCHS study participants. Please read the Disclosure Manual: Rules for Researchers Cdc-pdf[PDF – 212 KB]

Your output will be reviewed by an RDC staff member for disclosure concerns.  It is your responsibility to use these statistics in a way that doesn’t pose additional risk to the respondents. If you discover or can inadvertently deduce small cells (<5) or an individual –level-information, it is your responsibility to not share that information with anyone or in any publication and to immediately bring it to the attention of your RDC staff member. If you have questions about any other concerns, ask a RDC staff member. 


Page last reviewed: February 17, 2016