Confidentiality and Disclosure

Maintaining confidentiality is the primary objective of the Research Data Center (RDC). Together, the confidentiality training, confidentiality forms, and the Disclosure Manual outline the policies and procedures that are required to protect the data and prevent disclosure of confidential information.  Your Research Team must complete the confidentiality training and submit the confidentiality forms.

Confidentiality Training

It should take 10-20 minutes to complete the training. At the conclusion of the training, you will be asked to take a quiz. You need to score a 100%.

Confidentiality Forms

The confidentiality forms need to be completed each time you submit a new proposal to the RDC.  Forms from a former project cannot be accepted.

Send these forms  with your confidentiality  training certificate to your RDC Analyst as soon as possible. Forms can be submitted via email or by mail, if emailed make sure the notary seal is visible. You will not be permitted to begin your research until we receive your completed forms.

Disclosure Review Policies and Procedures

RDC disclosure review policies and procedures exist to protect the identity of study participants. You are required to read and follow the procedures outlined and described in the Disclosure Manual: Rules for Researchers pdf icon[PDF – 134 KB].



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