Data Hosting: Air Manganese Study

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency researchers conducted a health study of airborne manganese exposure in three Ohio towns, Marietta (in August 2009), Mt. Vernon (in August 2009) and East Liverpool (in November 2011). The main purpose of this study was to evaluate whether nervous system health effects (neurotoxicity) were detectable in community residents with long-term, airborne manganese exposure.

More information is available at Air Manganese Study Air Manganese Studyexternal icon

Data Documentation:

Air Manganese and Health Data pdf icon[PDF – 1 MB]

Air Manganese and Medication Data  pdf icon[PDF – 286 KB]


Proposals are submitted to NCHS and EPA reviews and approves all Air Manganese Study proposals. Proposal review will take 12 weeks. Submit completed proposals to

EPA Proposal pdf icon[PDF – 121 KB]

Proposal amendments, including changes to the research team or minor adjustments to research questions or output, require an updated proposal and full review by EPA.  Revisions in the proposal must be highlighted; please do not use track changes.

Location of Access:

User Fees:

All NCHS RDC User fees are waived for access to this dataset.  Please indicate “Not applicable – EPA Air Manganese Study” on the funding line in your proposal.  FSRDC fees will apply.  Contact your designated FSRDC for more information.

Confidentiality and Disclosure:

After the proposal is approved, all members of the research team are required to complete the Confidentiality Training.  Please submit your Confidentiality Training certificate and signed, notarized non-disclosure affidavit to your RDC Analyst.

Output Review for Disclosures:

All output submitted for review must be the near final product and match the output described in your approved proposal.  We will not review frequency distributions or other large volumes of output.  When preparing your output for review, make sure the following rule is applied before you submit your output for review:

  • Suppress all cell sizes <5.

Follow these steps to request output review:

1) Save the output to the appropriate folder.

(a) NCHS ONSITE: Place all output in a folder titled: DDMMMYY_RDCID_PI Last Name

  • DDMMMYY – Request Date with 3 or 4 letters month abbreviation
  • RCID
  • PI Last Name – always use the researcher’s Last Name

(b) FSRDC: Follow FSRDC rules for output requests. Contact your FSRDC for more information.

2) Email the NCHS RDC Analyst the folder name and brief description of the output. The RDC Analyst will transfer your output file to EPA within five business days.

3) EPA will review and approve output within three weeks of receipt.

4) If the output is approved, the RDC Analyst will send the output to you.

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