Data Hosting: National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH)

The National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) measures:

  • use of illegal drugs, prescription drugs, alcohol, and tobacco
  • mental disorders, treatment, and co-occurring substance use and mental disorders

NSDUH data provides estimates of substance use and mental illness at the national, state, and sub-state levels.  NSDUH data also helps to identify the extent of substance use and mental illness among different sub-groups, can be used for estimates of trends over time, and measures the need for treatment services

About NSDUHexternal icon:

Data Documentation:

2017 NSDUH codebook pdf iconpdf iconpdf icon[PDF – 23 MB]

2018 NSDUH codebook pdf iconpdf iconpdf icon[PDF – 20 MB]

For access to NSDUH restricted-use codebook for previous years- please send your request to:

Location of Access:

Non US citizens should contact the NCHS RDC,, to inquire about additional access requirements.


Proposals are submitted to NCHS and SAMHSA reviews and approves all NSDUH proposals. Proposal review will take 12 weeks. Submit completed proposals to

Proposal amendments, including changes to the research team or minor adjustments to research questions, require an updated proposal and full review by SAMHSA.  Revisions in the proposal must to be highlighted; please do not use track changes.

Guidelines for Using NSDUH Data:

Using NSDUH Restricted-Use Data pdf icon[ PDF – 211 KB]

Confidentiality and Disclosure:

After the proposal is approved,  all members of the research team are required to complete the Confidentiality orientation and become designated agents.  Please submit your confidentiality orientation certificates and signed SAMHSA  Designated Agent form  to your RDC Analyst.

Output Review for Disclosures:

All output submitted for review should be the near final product.  We will not review frequency distributions or other large volumes of output.  When preparing your output for review, make sure the follow rules are applied before you submit your output for review:

  • Unweight numbers must be rounded to the nearest hundred

Follow these steps to request output review:

1) Save the output to the appropriate folder.

        a. NCHS ONSITE: Place all output in a folder titled : DDMMMYY_RDCID_PI Last Name

i. DDMMMYY – Request Date with 3 or 4 letters month abbreviation
iii. PI Last Name – always use  the researcher’s  Last Name

         b. FSRDC:

2) Email the NCHS RDC Analyst the folder name and brief description of the output. The RDC Analyst will transfer your file to SAMHSA within five business days.

3) SAMHSA will review and release approved output within three weeks of receipt.


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