Preparing for Application Submission

The Application Process outlined below provides the primary steps that lead to the NCHS Review Committee decision for approval.

To access restricted-use data through the RDC, you must submit an application. The NCHS Review Committee will review your application using the following criteria:

  1. A well-defined research question that addresses a public health concern.
  2. Explanation of what restricted-use variables are needed to complete the project and why.
  3. The disclosure risk associated with:
  • the requested restricted-use variables
  • the requested mode of access
  • analytic plan (this includes statistical methods) and
  • the nature and composition of your planned output.

The RDC does not review the application for scientific merit.

Once the RDC receives your application, the RDC Director will assign an RDC Analyst to work with you. The RDC Analyst is your primary contact for the duration of your project. At any time, if you have questions, please contact your RDC Analyst.

Your RDC Analyst:

  • Facilitates review of your application
  • Creates your analytic data set
  • Accepts payment
  • Accepts your NCHS Confidentiality required paperwork
  • Provides your dataset to the RDC location described in your application
  • Reviews your output for disclosure risk
  • Provides your approved output to you

The Application Process

 Step 1:  Determine a need for restricted-use data. Restricted Data

 Step 2: Determine a preferred location of access. Location of Access

 Step 3: Draft and submit your research application. Application 

Step 4: Wait for comments from the NCHS Review Committee and respond quickly to expedite any application revisions. Review Committee

Step 5: Update your application when there are changes. Amendment Procedures