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National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) Geocodes

The following table lists the geographic variables in NHANES III and Continuous NHANES. The special project restricted use variables include geocodes that have been added to the regular restricted use datasets. When applying for access to this data through the RDC, please specify the variable name in your data dictionary.

Restricted Variable Name Restricted Variable Label
Continuous NHANES
REGION 4 Census Regions created from STATE2K
STD_5Zip Zipcode
RC2K Census 2000 Geocodes General Return Code
LVC2K Census 2000 LAT/LON Geocoding Level
LAT Latitude in decimal format with up to 6 decimal precision
LON Longitude in decimal format with up to 6 decimal precision
STATE2K Census 2000 FIPS state code
CNTY2K Census 2000 FIPS County code
TRACT2K Census 2000 tract/BNA (leading zeros with the decimal point impiled)


Census 2000 block group
BLOCK2K Census 2000 block ID - first character is the census block group
Documentation [PDF - 142 KB]
REGION 4 Census Regions created from STATE
STD_5Zip Zip code
LAT Latitude
STATE FIP State Code
COUNTY FIP County Code
TRACT_80 1980 Tract Code (4 Digits)
TCBNA_80 1980 TractBNA Code (6 Digits)
BG_80 1980 Block Group Code
BLCK_80 1980 Block Code
TRACT_90 1990 Tract Code (4 Digits)
TCBNA_90 1990 TractBNA Code (6 Digits)
BG_90 1990 Block Group Code
BLCK_90 1990 Block Code